AWC Turbodyne X

$ 1,895.00

AWC Turbodyne X is a 100% stainless steel, thread mounted .50 BMG suppressor. It is 16.5” long, 2” in diameter, and varies in weight. It comes in a matte finish with black, tan, and olive drab color options.  Black is the default color unless otherwise specified by the buyer.

The AWC Turbodyne X is absolutely the most compact, effective, and quiet .50 caliber suppressor available on the market today. Constructed of 100% stainless steel and 360 degree circumferentially welded the Turbodyne produces less noise than a .22LR. The bullet impact can be heard and is the primary source of sound while the lack of concussion allows for hours of comfortable shooting. 

The Turbodyne X can be fitted to most semi-auto and bolt action .50 BMG rifles, mounting directly to the current muzzle break threads without modification to the gun.

Dimensions 16.5 x 2 x 2 in