Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can you sell to?
A:  We are licensed in Virginia as a Class 3 Dealer and can sell to residents of Virginia. We can mail you the approved silencer or pick it up from our location just south of Richmond – an advantage of dealing with us. We also mail all forms and detailed instructions to you, no need to visit us.

Q:  Do I need a Class 3 License to buy a silencer?
A:  Think of a silencer purchase as a transfer between our business and you as an individual. ATF will need to approve this transfer, but you do not need a license to make a purchase. We have the knowledge and diligence to manage this process.  We only do silencers, so we know exactly what we are doing.

Q:  How long does the approval process take?
A:  We are seeing transfers approved by the ATF in 90 days or less. Call us to learn more at: (804) 716-1473 (Last Updated 3/13/14)

Q:  Why would I want a silencer?
A:  No hearing protection required, reduces recoil, better accuracy, more time hunting, and no upset neighbors… VERY Cool as well!

Q:  Is there a federal tax to purchase a silencer?
A:  Yes.  A $200 Tax Stamp per silencer, tax deductible, one-time fee. Think of it as a title transfer tax.

Q:  Are silencers as quiet as on the movies?
A: .22 rimfire, yes. All other calibers will sound like a .22 short to a .22 long when suppressed. All the silencers we sell are hearing safe.

Q:  What game can I hunt with a silencer in Virginia?
A:  Any and ALL game!

Q:  How do you test your silencers?
A:  The silencers we sell are tested on a Bruel & Kjaer 2209 (B&K 2209) military grade sound testing meter, which meets all military standards for silencer testing. These units are very expensive ($15k setup) and very rare; our supplier (Dakota Silencer) is the only silencer dealer in the country that we know of with this testing meter and only a few of the largest silencer manufacturers actually own this sound testing device. Every silencer is tested extensively before we agree to sell it.

Q:  How did you determine which silencers to stock?
A:  We have determined customers normally fall into one of three unique categories as to the main issue driving their purchase decision. 1) Best Sound Reduction 2) Value Price 3) Lightest available for hunting. We stock a large volume of silencers in each of these categories. We can order any manufacturer’s silencer if you need something else. We highly recommend you become a member of and see their unbiased tests. We have the same testing meter they use. You will be shocked to see that the most expensive and often the best known silencers on the market are in many cases the loudest! The large manufacturers are willing to sacrifice performance to make sure they can mass produce in large volume to save themselves time and money.

Q:  What are your thoughts on a quick detach model for a silencer?
A:  We don’t use it personally and don’t normally recommend it. It can negatively impact accuracy, drives costs up to buy a connector for each weapon, and silencers are too hot after firing to quick detach. We see no practical real-world benefits for the additional expense.

Q:  What is the first step?
A:  Determine which silencer(s) you wish to obtain.

Q:  What is the second step?
A:  Purchase your silencer(s) from us directly online or call us.

Q:  What is the third step?
A:  We mail you all the paperwork with very detailed directions on completing the necessary paperwork. We have fine tuned our directions and you will find the directions very easy to follow. Remember, the paperwork is specific to the silencer, so you cannot start the process until you pick out a silencer and purchase. If for some reason you are declined (never had this happen), you will get your money back from the ATF and from us. Think of the paperwork as a title transfer with a background check involved before ATF approves the title transfer.

Q:  Will you transfer a silencer if I buy one online from another silencer dealer?
A:  If you need a silencer we don’t currently have in inventory, we can quickly order directly from the manufacturer or a national wholesaler and obtain a serial number quickly to start the process. Remember, you can only purchase a silencer from a Class 3 dealer ATF licensed in your state. We pay over $1,000  to be ATF licensed in Virginia.

Q:  Can I use a .308 silencer on all calibers .308 and less?
A:  Yes, very common with a stacked baffle design (like Varminter 2.0 in .308). One silencer for all rifle applications. It often does not impact performance because .308 silencers are longer with additional baffles. Titanium construction is popular for this type of application due to the extremely light weight. Not all .308 silencers work well on a .223… stack baffle design is the best for dual application because of greater surface area to remove the heat from the blast.

Q:  Do I need to meet you “live” to do the paperwork?
A:  No, it can all be done through the mail if you prefer. Almost all of our sales occur via the Internet. We are available by phone or email and return any messages as soon as possible.

Q:  Do I have to meet you live to pick up the silencer once approved?
A:  No, the law allows for mailing of silencers since ATF has done a background check on you. We find many customers prefer this option due to high fuel prices. This also allows us to sell to anyone in the state of Virginia without geographical limitations. We applied for and obtained ATF variances to accomplish this process very smoothly.

Q:  Will I need my barrel threaded for the silencer to connect?
A:  Yes, if you have a flash-hider, this will come off and a silencer will screw right on. We do recommend having a gunsmith check factory threaded barrels. For handguns, you may need to purchase a new barrel. See barrel thread pitches for silencers by caliber.

Q:  Who should I get to thread my barrel?
A:  Use any local well qualified gunsmith, expect to pay $65 to $90.

Q:  Where are you based?
A:  We operate via word of mouth, over the phone, meet live, and via the Internet. Our business location is located just south of Richmond, VA, in North Chesterfield; although almost all sales occur via our website.

Q:  Why is it important to choose a reputable and professional silencer dealer?
A:  As part of the process, personal data is collected for the FBI background check. You want a professional you can trust to keep this data confidential and in a secure place where others cannot access it. These records have to be stored by your dealer for 20 years. Find someone you can trust and has a professional track record. You also need a dealer that can handle the paperwork professionally; one small error and your silencer is going to be significantly delayed or even denied.

*** For security reasons, ALL firearms are stored off site in an undisclosed, secure location. This is in compliance with Federal Law, 27 C.F.R. § 478.50.