About Hunter’s Dream Silencers

The imagery of a hunter’s dream is being able to provide Virginia Hunters with the most viable silencers that require no hearing protection, less recoil, better accuracy, and no upset neighbors for those hunting on private lands.  What a better hunting experience!  As a Class 3 Dealer committed to providing the best silencers on the market, which is borne out by military grade, sound meter testing equipment.  The dream is to make the action after the trigger pull – quiet as possible.

Simón Samaniego III, Owner

Simon Samaniego III, Owner, Hunter's Dream SilencersThe owner of Hunter’s Dream Silencers is an American, period.  He is proud of this designation never wanting to be a hyphenated American.  Having developed a passion for wild pig hunting, he wanted the means to take down as many as possible since the first rifle report would make a flock scatter.  Simón is a Virginia registered private investigator involved for the past five years in private security, and currently in an M.S. program for Digital Forensics/Cyber Investigations.  His biggest concern is watching the American Dream being changed from private enterprise to government entitlement programs.  He is very happily married to the “love of his life” with their two twin daughters in North Chesterfield, VA.  Simón’s wife is a second generation Richmond native.