Understanding the ATF Approval Process

Think of a silencer purchase as a transfer between our business and you as an individual. ATF will need to approve this transfer, but you do not need a license to make a purchase. Hunter’s Dream has a complete understanding of how to execute and manage this process for Virginians. Since we only deal in silencers, we know exactly what we are doing. Here is a concise overview of the process:

Select and Purchase Silencer
Select & Purchase Silencer

Browse our broad selection online and determine which silencer you want. Order directly from Hunter’s Dream through the website or call us to help you select your silencer. Payment can be accepted over the phone or via our website.

Complete and Mail Paperwork
We Mail You The Paperwork

We generate the paperwork specific to you and your silencer, along with detailed instructions. Complete the paperwork and mail it to us. We review it thoroughly and then send it to ATF for approval (expect a 90 day turnaround from the ATF).

Mail or Pick-Up Silencer
Receive By Mail or Pick It Up

After the ATF reviews your application, completes their background check, and approves the silencer transfer, we will mail the silencer directly to you. Customers are also welcome to pick-up their silencer from our location south of Richmond, VA.

Click Here to read more about ATF Form 4 and its required CLEO signature in greater detail.

Questions or Concerns?  Please call (804) 716-1473 or email experts@huntersdreamsilencers.com.